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MONDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2009, 05:24 PM

My name. Your space.

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but we’re up and running now.I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of

It might have my name on it, but this is your space too. It’s a place where you can contact me directly…give me feedback… post photos… blog back…debate ideas…be part of a global campaign…suggest things for me to do and see…learn more about education…exchange information…and take action on issues we both care about it.

C’mon! What have you got to say for yourselves?

Have a look at My 5 for some inspiration…

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Queen Rania, I don't really know how to contact you for the question I am asking but I guess here is as good as any other place? I attend Ratcliffe College in the Midlands in England which is a Catholic school. Being a boarding school is recieves people from all over the world, from all race backgrounds and all religious backgrounds. I, and no doubt the entire school community, would love it if you could find any time to visit our school and talk to us to raise awareness of different religions worldwide and tolerence of all religions and the importance of education in improving the living standards of future generations.

Our school does much chairty fundraising and charitable activities for those less fortunate, but I feel not enough emphasis is placed on building up the standards of other schools in areas less fortunate. Please find it in your heart to visit what is a small community, but one that is willing to work so hard to give so much back. No doubt, we would be willing to work hard and fundraise if the cost of such a trip is an obstacle.
I look forward to any reply, I know this is all a longshot but you can't blame a guy for trying? I always think it is better to have tried and failed than to have not tried at all, but in this case I would very much like to succeed in having you visit our school this year or next.
Peace be with you and your family,
Tom Mulligan.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear Graig,

I told you in my last comment that I work. I work in shipping agencies group from 8:30am till 5:00pm. am not all the time with my brother. Am doing great things that am proud of. plus family is a great part in patient life.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear DW Duke - and anyone siding with either the Israelis or Palestinians or shocked people died in that "protest". Think about walking into a military action waving a flag of peace. The people of Morocco did it once - and it worked - and they were SOOOOOOO LUCKY and that day became famous. I love photos of children putting flowers in the end of gun barrels. They are touching, memorable and in real life - rare. Even if the Jews wanted to embrace Palestinians, adopt Palestinian children as their own, inter-marry - name the activity - and some do - their Government's policies and agenda would probably marginalize anyone from either culture who "crosses the line". And beyond that, even if the Government of Israel suddenly woke up and said "Ya know, this whole Palestine conflict, the trauma and drama - its killing us all. Let's split the place up, give them a real homeland and put this puppy to bed." - even if they said that, it could not be. The reason is there are FORCES ON THIS EARTH (some can speak of Gods and Angels - I'll stick with real human beings and governments) that want no such truce or resolution. All the hot air (sweet as it sounds) from Hillary (who I respect in many ways) or the U.S. State Department, as quoted on the front page of the Wall Street Journal "The Israeli government will do a thorough investigation." --U.S. STATE DEPT. - isn't that kind of like asking the guy who robbed your home to conduct an investigation? The point is its all a three-ring circus of media, conflict and mayhem designed to distract us all from bigger issues. YES DW - you are speaking of those issues - of healing, sharing, learning, teaching - but until everyone unites to either embrace those who want the conflict (tough to do) and try to 'cultivate understanding and cooperation among enemies) EXTREMELY tough to do - or CONVINCE those who want the conflict it is not in there best interest - until the external forces stop their game and agenda, no solution of love, diplomacy, hot air statements, bullets, bombs or rockets will solve this human disaster and human failure. We are supposed to be an enlightened species, higher thought and lofty goals, an ability to analyze our past and shape our future in a manner that's good for people, the planet and great-great-great grand children 500 or 5000 years from now. In some ways we are headed in that enlightened direction, but old methods of "doing business", of engineering societies and nations are only slowly changing. America was at the forefront of launching blacks and women into education, law, medicine and politics. I'm kinda proud we have finally had a black President - though I think I would have preferred two women to run the show for awhile - they're usually tougher, meaner when required, and often smarter than men - they think faster - and right now as we face economic, environmental and resource driven catastrophes, we need fast thinkers at the top. Peace-love-dove is a great philosophy - and surely the most enlightened method if everyone is on the same page. But peace lovers who get on a boat loaded with supplies, and go to Palestine (Gaza) with the intent of confronting a war machine like the Israeli military are LUCKY if any of them survive the trip. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind of how that would turn out. And extremists who hurl rockets at Israel are making their neighbors children a target for Israel's reply: we can't solve this with bullets and high-level diplomacy from folks like Obama and Hillary is a lot of hot air as well. You have to trace back the conflict beyond the Jews and Palestinians, the Americans and Russians and all the rest of the "clowns, thugs and tragic players in the circus": there are people on this Earth who could stop that conflict with ONE PHONE CALL. And they won't.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear Lioness,

Life is never fair or simple. Whether you are a King wrestling with budgets, Minsters and foreign relations,
a Queen wrestling with humanitarian issues and trying to lift a nation through education, a General
walking a fine line between understanding for failure of your troops and sharp discipline, or a citizen,
with 1001 different opinions about HOW THE WORLD SHOULD BE - and isn't - every day all of us face tough decisions.

So - in your case - your life - you have made a decision - or life has thrust this upon you - to sacrifice your dreams to care for someone who has been in a coma.

I am not sure what you do all day with a person who simply lies still - but I cannot judge how you must spend your time managing that.

THERE ARE TELE-COMMUTE JOBS, classes you can learn, things you can do at home. Unless your home is a restaurant, they probably do not involve COOKING, unless you want to write a book "101 Great Dishes from Jordan" or something else to CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY.

Contributing all your time to your brother, or even your own children, is easy to justify - and most people on Earth make these simple easy decisions because they sound good:

1. I am a mother of 3 and stay at home all day tending to the needs of my children, cleaning the home, shopping etc.

Fine: Many people do not realize how hard a stay-at-home mom works - it is a tough job. If the kids are getting As in school and go on to college - perhaps the mother was right to do that - perhaps her kids will help heal a community, nation or planet.

BUT - if that mom had restructured her time a little bit - perhaps with the kids in the early morning - with them when they came out of school - and the rest of the time WORKING, either for herself (i.e. write a book, learn a skill, make a product - even soap or leather craft is a contribution), then the mother would have more pride, self-esteem and CASH to do things like buy a nicer PC for the kids or maybe (don't faint) new shoes for mom.

2. I have to take care of my "Parents/Brother/Neighbor" - fill in the blank. Usually caring for someone - like kids above - is not a 24 hour job. There are periods in between and people who manage their time wisely can do more than one thing during the day and contribute to the neighborhood and global village. Even using your home as a day care center (since you must stay at home) so other women can go work is a contribution. TUTORING KIDS is a great way to earn a little money, and stay at home and contribute. Piano lessons, history, math, science, art - there may be many ways to tutor without having a college degree.

I can go on, but the point is THERE IS NO RESTRICTION OR ROADBLOCK that prevents you from learning and applying new skills to earn more money and contribute to society. Where I live we have mentally challenged (retards) kids mowing lawns for money. I have worked with these kids before: so even the mental challenges they have are not a road block.

ONLY YOU can press the gas pedal or the brakes on your life. I suggest you put it in first gear, rev the engine and put the pedal to the metal.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I think we should be looking at global curriculum, taught from everyone's point of view, and no one's point of view at the same time. I think Social Studies(and Art) should be at the core of curiculum. This core could be branched out to Math and Science, and language as well. I think sometimes, people are so hepped up on pushing Math and Science scores, they forget how important Social Studies truly are. Studying about other places, not just on a map, but what it's like there, their music, literature, etc. would greatly excel world understanding and acceptance of each other. It would be wonderful if a committee could be formed on a global scale to devise a world curriculum that could be taught at a series of schools around the world.

DW Duke
Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Concerning the Flotilla,
Everyone, please stop and think. Stop the madness. Provocation, violence and slander are not going to accomplish anything on either side. Everyone take a deep breath, stop and think. We are all in this together. There is a solution if people will search deep inside their souls to find it.

To my Jewish brothers I ask you, can you love the Palestinian? And to my Palestinian brothers I ask you, can you love the Jew? If the answer is "no" then there is no hope for a resolution to this crisis now or ever. But if the answer is "yes," which is the answer deep inside of you, then there is hope. There is a way out of this mess. As Queen Rania has said, the only hope lies in a change in the hearts of people (paraphrased from her speech at Yale University.)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Graig,

Thanks for your great words. Its true that I didn't finished from university. But I love to educate myself. Love reading so much, computer, cooking is my passion :), and I work and learn many things from my work, but my greatest work is helping mom with taking care of my 37 yrs brother who is in a coma for 3 yrs. I have many dreams, but for some reasons I can't make them true.

Thanks again for your support. And wishing you good luck always

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Whooo Hoooo - I am soooo happy today - a gift for Jordan just got dropped in my lap (two actually).

1. In my first post, below, we initiated Queens Castle Cement (a product of Jordan)
to donate all licensing proceeds to schools, youth and family agencies.

UNFORTUNATELY, not all Jordanians feel so charitable - hey it happens - and a scientist with one of the technologies for ONE product (not all - there are many ocean based cements), who happened to be from Jordan backed out. I was crushed, confused, couldn't understand how a man - a teacher no less - would turn his back on a plan that would put millions into Jordan's educational and charitable enterprises and millions in his own pocket.

Get over it: life isn't always fair.

For those of you who don't know where I live (San Francisco) I spend a lot of time eating burgers next to NASA Physicists, and folks in high-tech, bio-tech, fuel-tech - you name the tech - we have it here where I live.

So I was pondering several Ocean Based Cement products that could meet the mechanical characteristics (we have them here) and a scientist and I did a KA-BOOM-BIDDA-BANG and had the formula we needed to fulfill our promise for Queens Castle Cement to:

1. Have its OWN cement product - not something licensed from another group

2. Insure it was an ecologically friendly process

3. Deliver superior mechanical characteristics: and this is twice as strong, cures much faster than standard Portland Cement, and doesn't have catastrophic failure problems normal cement does. If the homes in Haiti were made of this, there wouldn't have been so much loss of life.

4. Has the tiny pore size that delivers a beautiful finish (Queens Castle was about BEAUTY and STRENGTH)

5. Best of all (besides that its Ocean based and eco-friendly) IT CAN BE SPRAYED so construction of new schools and libraries, youth centers, hospitals etc. in Jordan become a snap. These are to be DONATED facilities, including the free PCs (we've delivered since 1983), teachers, staff and orphanages - we're a big fan of programs like the SOS programs serving kids who are looking for some help in the mommy and daddy department.

Anyway, the best news of all - as promised - we can deliver on our promise to Jordan to be ground zero for a wonderful product and program, and that was my first wonderful WHOOO HOOO of the day. Sorry if I am a bit giddy, but this was simple fantastic news.

NEXT: on with water, fuel and power (wonder if this is the right area on this site for all this news???)


We submitted an infrastructure proposal (Jordan doesn't have to pay for it - unlike the last round with the IMF/World Bank and wind farm developers), and its all geared for WATER and POWER. The Prince has let everyone

In February (2010),
when Prince Hassan was at a water security conference in Switzerland
he talked about "developing the earthquake prone Jordan Rift Valley, and how the region needs a “master plan for water management. We have that, but it just got better today. Stronger cement means stronger pipes, and when manufactured in Jordan - that means jobs and export products.

When the Prince said “When Al Gore talked about global warming, I talked of human warning,” pointed to the Balfour Declaration and the start of conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arab people.

While I agree with the Prince 1000% (no typo), its sad how that issue is still unresolved, I don't believe this is a place for me to express such political opinions or start a charged debate.

However, as an UTILITY ENGINEER, auditor, and former Risk Management Specialist, I can warn you that the one thing you DO NOT want to do is build a lot of homes that rely on water that passes through Israel - that is suicide, with a grave risk, and historic track record of how they treat Arab based infrastructure (and historic sites - but that is another topic as well).

So, when I read this article:


The Red Sea Dead Sea Water Conveyance

The World Bank has been provided approximately $16M by various donor countries, and has been charged to (i) conduct a Feasibility Studies of the Red Sea Dead Sea Conveyance (RSDSC) and (ii) a separate Study of Alternatives that would be presented alongside the RSDSC analysis.

The Feasibility Studies of RSDSC started in 2008. The much-delayed Study of Alternatives began recently. These studies are overseen by a 14 member Steering Committee (2 from the World Bank and 4 each from Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority).

A Better Solution

The Med-Dead/Lake Shalom Project ("Project" or "MD/LS") is a superior alternative to RSDSC; it plans that water from the Med will flow below sea level through a 72km tunnel to a reservoir above Qumran. This water will be released at hours of peak electrical demand to a hydroelectric power plant on the shores of the Dead, generating up to 2500MW as needed. Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and Israel will have access to this Med water for desalination plants to help ease the chronic water shortages in all three areas. The electric power could be sold into the existing electrical grids to pay the cost of the Project.

The Project will lead to many new jobs during construction as well as many permanent jobs, while abundantly available desalinated water will stimulate new investment in self-sustaining agriculture, fish farming, etc. etc.

I said "on the surface, it sounds great."


I hate to say it; this is ABSOLUTELY the worst proposal I've ever heard. Jordan has clear access to the Red Sea - unobstructed, no problems, no third-party neighbors whether friendly or not, who can "shut off the valve" and any plan for water Jordan makes should come straight out of Jordan's own ocean - the Red Sea.

Furthermore, any plan that involves UNDERGROUND PIPES passing through Earthquake country is flawed from the start. Agreed?

So, the proposal we submitted (which again - is given to Jordan as a gift - not a loan), and draws water straight from the Red Sea, floods Jordan's plains for crop development, doesn't require a drop of oil or gas to deliver the water to Amman (and beyond), and is immune to those well-known Israeli "Ooopsie-sorry about that water valve, but we need it for Israeli settlements" (which would really bite), and is immune from Earthquakes as well.

Just when we had the whole system planned, one of the scientists I met with today threw us a loop: "How about like this?" and bing-bada-booom! WOW! Absolutely fabulous, cost effective, all based on PROVEN technology (a habit of mine - I need to know it works before we recommend anything), and works with the system we already had planned to install.

So...was today a GREEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAT day?!? Well, its just paper and financial projections right now, but I am guessing in under a year, we'll be delivering the first boat-loads of water to swimming pools in Amman and in under 3 years, due to the tragic circumstances that accompany a booming swimming pool industry, they'll have to pass the same law in Amman as we have in California - ALL POOLS INSTALLED IN HOMES WITH YOUNG CHILDREN NEED A FENCE AROUND THEM.

If that's the worst thing that comes out of this, its going to be one heck-uva pool party, and all I suggest is that the water we use to fill those pools (and use to water those crops) ALL (as in 1000% - no typo) comes from an Ocean that has no "in-between" third-party ooooopsie that might spoil the party.

Is that cool? It will be. Hang on to your rubber duckys.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Your Majesty; Judith was reviewing the visit logs and someone from either your BLOG site, or your office visited the page (a secure document relating to Jordanian Govt. business and energy) - but left without downloading the PDF. Judith wondered if she missed a call for the passcode, and I am on the phone with her now testing the link. She's a sweet gal in Kansas - former radio DJ (and sation manager) and p.s. drive a fire-red hot-rod TransAm (typical country gal). If you need a reference - Sarandis Constantzos - former Lead Engineer for the Saudi Royal Family - can give it to you. His bio is at - Andy is in Washington D.C., is fluent in Arabic, and a far better diplomat than I, and known in many circles. He knows Judith well, and can patch you in if so required. I'm honored if that was you (we verified the 'ping' did come from Jordan) - but am at a loss on how to transmit a sensitive document to your attention. Any advice from one of your Admins would be greatly appreciated. I'll check my mailbox here.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

RE: University Study versus Real Life
Dear Lioness (May 29, 2010),
I work with kids (at-risk youth) and I cannot speak for Her Majesty or policies of Jordan Universities, but I can tell you what I tell my kids - and what I found in my own life.
1. There is no question: people with University degree earn more and usually (not always) learn more and are smarter. Therefore, anyone who wants to earn more and learn more should probably go to a University. You know this - it is embedded in your question - but I wanted you to know that I do agree with you.
2. A University degree is NO GUARANTEE of income, peace of mind or satisfaction with yourself - your stength - your courage or self-esteem. If should not be a "label" you stick on your forehead that "I am a failure because I did not get a University degree." Bill Gates dropped out of college to form Microsoft. Many people (a lot more than you think) who are a smashing success have no degree. I spent 5 years in college - studied music (classical pianist), film, pre-med, international relations, law, horse care, psychology, and finally settled down in computer science. Before I got a degree a HOSPITAL then an HMO convinced me to come work for them writing medical software - 5 years - 5 colleges - no degree. I guess I am a failure.
3. I am the CEO and owner of a $460 billion dollar wind farm company. I did that without a degree. I did it by hard work writing financial software and doing financial analysis for multi-national corporations. Actors get rich with no degree and most are very happy with their craft and work. Photographers, artists, almost everyone except lawyers and doctors, can make a lot of money and be very happy without a degree.
4. I tell my kids that even if you get a degree and become a doctor or a lawyer, when you are OFF WORK AT HOME are you going to be helping patients, or working on legal briefs? Probably not. So - what would you be doing? Working with computers as a hobby? Going into nature to take photos? Planning on a film you want to make, or perhaps writing music, working with a band and making an album? WHAT DO YOU ENJOY - AND HOW CAN YOU EARN MONEY WITH YOUR CRAFT AND SKILLS?
5. As we all know most artists starve. Most artists and scientists (and lawyers and doctors) think their skills are so good they can ignore critiques of others, and artists are famous for saying "They may not like it - but I do - and that is all that matters." In a way they are right - a bold artist has a chance at becoming rich, but a timid artist has little chance. A bold software engineer (who never had a degree) has a chance at wealth, but a timid software engineer who works for other companies their entire life has very little chance - unless they take what they learned and apply it to something great. I was able to take my skills designing systems for big firms - and my skills working for 2 Judges back in college - and write new energy law for foreign countries (passed unanimously), develop a huge network of free classes on renewable energy, develop free classes for kids, single parents and seniors (which you might consider - you can learn to be a high-tech person in those classes - we have lots of "grads" that are working now and are happy), and go on to build our corporation - I was even invited to speak before the U.N. General Assembly - perhaps the first person to receive that invitation without a degree (heh heh) - and all this from skills I learned working for others. SO - you do not need a degree.

YOU DO NEED PASSION AND DRIVE AND CONFIDENCE IN YOUR ABILITY TO LEARN. You need a mind that is like a vacuum - read, learn, watch, study, practice your art or craft or technical skills - apply them to real life - hang your paintings in cafes, work with a camera or computer or even a simple garden every day and write and teach and you will eventually become an expert at something you enjoy - no college degree or University lesson can compare to a pianist who plays 4 hours a day, or a photographer that shoots photos in remote jungles, or a student of language who studies 20 languages and can speak and write in all of them.

So; perhaps the rules in Jordan do not have a "GED" (high school equivalent test) to give you a H.S. degree so you can go to college. I bet soon they will - perhaps from our discussion here, Queen Rania will explore that option and talk to the education ministers and make it so. BUT - until then - you MUST take life as it is, and treat yourself with the respect and COURAGE and PASSION that you know is inside you - and find your joy (and career) with something bold, and pleasant and if you are lucky - PROFITABLE.

And if it is not PROFITABLE (many of my software programs were bombs - and never made any money) - then hopefully at least the time you spent was ENJOYABLE - and money cannot buy that happiness - or that experience, nor can a University degree guarantee you income or bliss.

Lao Tzu - ancient Chinese Philosopher said "Follow your bliss" and in Hamlet, Lord Polonius said "This above all: to thine ownself be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man." - find your passion and practice it as much as possible and you will surely (not maybe) become a genius at your craft - there is no other possible outcome.