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MONDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2009, 05:24 PM

My name. Your space.

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but we’re up and running now.I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of

It might have my name on it, but this is your space too. It’s a place where you can contact me directly…give me feedback… post photos… blog back…debate ideas…be part of a global campaign…suggest things for me to do and see…learn more about education…exchange information…and take action on issues we both care about it.

C’mon! What have you got to say for yourselves?

Have a look at My 5 for some inspiration…

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Monday, July 5, 2010

A letter from the heart to our beloved King Abdullah and Queen Rania; I truly love you and admire all efforts you do to make Jordan the best place ever with all aspects, I always pray Allah to keep you and our country safe and always protect it and always guide all people in Jordan to best choices they can always take under the patronage of their Majisty King Abdullah and Queen Rania.

I also need to ask about how we can communicate directly to her Majisty Queen Rania if we have things to discuss about serious points which can help improve our living in Jordan and which touches many women's cases here in Jordan.

Can I get a reply for my message please??


Monday, July 5, 2010

Dear Intisar,
Sure you can get a reply for your message.

You can email Her Majesty through her website at

Fadi Zaghmout
Senior Webmaster

Sunday, July 4, 2010

hello I am from Ecuador. A country in America.(sud america)and i am writing you because i would like to help you as a voluntier in your fundations . And to learn about you and your country , your traditions.
Please help me to go to your country .
My name is Maria and i have 23 years old i am studying Tourism.
thank you my e mail contact

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Liberia...(student who makes jewelry from bullet casings in DW's post) - the nation like many in Western Africa has had a horrendous time with few resources and civil war always right around the corner. What is rather interesting is that its most stable period came with a woman as President - who went so far as to require all police be women as well - a prudent move in a nation where schoolgirls were targets of both local males and international teachers and social workers passing out food. Want an A in a class? Come back tonight for your ration of rice and we'll talk about it...uh yeah. Liberia. Then when their President put a her foot down and restructured the police force to be made of women things changed rather nicely...not many guys are going to pull stunts like that knowing that most of the nation's arms are being carried by females. Probably a pretty good model world-wide.

I wonder...what would happen if for one year - say 2011 - every nation on Earth elected a Female President/Leader - just for a year perhaps - and see how many wars stopped, how much more food production the Earth produced, how much less pollution would be created, how many new schools opened, how many new inventions would come, how many old civil wars and national boundary issues would be resolved as neighbors healed old wounds, and how many homeless kids slept under a new roof. I am gonna guess that if we tried it for just one year the positive impact on human civilization would be so shockingly, blissfully wonderful we'd all get addicted to the new world (kinda nice when you spend an entire year reading about wars that have ended), and all the guys who used to run the show would be unable to regain their positions ever again. We'd be addicted to peace and prosperity once and for all, and oh my - that would be absolutely horrid. We'd be ruined forever.

DW Duke
Friday, June 25, 2010

Salaam Zaida,
It is interesting to see how the Hashemites address Islam in comparison to some of the "self appointed" Islamic authorities. (Interestingly, the Queen descends not only from Mohammad but from Dovid HaMelech as well.) :)

DW Duke
Thursday, June 24, 2010

It seems that someone else is turning swords into plowshares.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear Queen Rania,
Salaam! I'm a Muslim convert living in Australia (under Queen Elizabeth) and I'd just like you to know that I hereby swear my allegiance to you and His Majesty King Abdullah II! This is not just because you are both so cool and such great, kind people, but also because you head the Hashemite Dynasty, King Abdullah is descended from the Prophet Muhammad's family, and you are the legitimate leaders of the Muslims! Furthermore, you and King Abdullah are great role models for Muslim men and women, I love the way you promote peace, progress and education, and I'm so glad you are not following backward thinking Salafism like the Saudi Royals. Too many Australian converts have followed Salafism and ended up in all sorts of trouble, including prison sentences, therefore I've started a blog about Zaidism, a version of Islam which emphasizes the role of the Hashemite leadership and is opposed to fundamentalism, it's at ,
from your admiring subject in Australia, Zaida.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

DW...First, I cannot be a judge of "Why" a man in Utah is being executed. I work with at-risk and hard core kids. One of my students killed both his parents at age 14. It sounds horrific. Obviously a kid who did that should die?!? Should he? I met him at age 16 and I have to look past what he did and see someone who will be on the street around age 25 and he will either be a convicted murderer or a valuable part of society. Those are the possibilities so I have to make him like himself (tough) and care for others. I have found the best way to accomplish both goals is to create a teacher by giving him lessons in a valuable class and then - as a favor to me - insisting he tutor others. The experience always - 100% of the time - creates someone who has fun and a sense of pride showing others how much he knows - and 100% of the time - builds a fatherly/motherly/scholarly bond between the new teacher/tutor and their students. It worked with him and in a short time I saw many kids coming to him for answers. The Kids Computer Kamp program is all about free labs and free PCs for kids. I wanted to bring it to Jordan orphanages like the SOS program, but there are issues for the moment. As for what the kid did being horrific, consider that the teenage boy had a sister and his father was "the worst kind" of father when it came to teenage girls. One day the boy decided to defend his sister - with the ultimate act. His mother came home shortly thereafter. The boy was still freaking out about what he had done and in a panic, she threatened to call the police and in a panic he took her out too. Here is where things break down: passion focused on a violent response rarely yields a level headed intelligent reply and desirable outcome. I cannot blame the child for defending his sister against that father...and once in a "state" of panic...while it is tragic what he did to his mom, he has to live with that for the rest of his life. May he find his peace with God and himself. How can I judge him when HE is judging himself more harshly then anything you or I might say about it? The article you mentioned talks about child abuse of the man on death row. Does a disturbing childhood give anyone a right to kill or be violent? We can say it "explains" their behavior - perhaps - but explaining a reason for violence does not make it right. I grew up in East L.A. I had two machine gun charges by age 19 - I did tournament fighting in my teens and early 20s - it was a very violent period in my life. After around age 22 - when I had finally broken free from that neighborhood and started the Kids Computer Kamp program going after hard core kids - to get them to recognize the life I had before - and the life ahead of them - was absolutely not the best way to go - I swore off violence for myself. I have had people jump me - I do not respond with violence (and I could - easily). I use forethought if I see a violent situation unfolding. As a Russian once said "Craig could be captured by cannibals and have them eating vegan and sitting in the pot like a jacuzzi before the water was boiling". I've done gang war mediation and you have to start with recognizing that half the kids in front of you have killed someone related to someone else in the room (but were never caught) and there is a lot of hatred and tension in those rooms...but it really boils down to a very simple question for everyone involved. Do you want peace and prosperity for you, your families and children...or is everyone so sadistic and morbid, you enjoy watching each other attend funerals. There can be no prosperity in such a neighborhood...just as there will never be prosperity or harmony or enlightenment in Israel until they reach out with an honest caring hand for their brothers and sisters - their neighbors - of Palestine...just as there can never be real lasting prosperity in Saudi Arabia, or Syria or any Arab country...until they embrace Israel and give these people their the Israeli's (and others) must give a homeland to the Palestinians. As long as there is any bully in the area, or any nation in the mix that is hurling insults and bullets at their neighbors, there is no sustainable peace or prosperity for anyone there. Many people fail to realize that ISRAELI'S (Jews) ARE EGYPTIANS - just as Blacks in the United States are more American then they are African. Both endured periods of Slavery and Both enjoyed periods of Leadership in their histories. Many accounts of history have Moses as leading all of Egypt...a topic I do not wish to go too far into at the moment...but bottom line...If I did a genetic cross-section of an Arab from Morocco, from Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Yemen, Qatar...around the block...Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine...Jew...I'd find the same genetic markers in the Jew as nearly everyone else ... with perhaps some European and Russian traces (and other cultures)...but overall, same blood line when compared to say a person from China or Latin America. So...Jews aren't just neighbors in the Middle East...they have been slaves and they have been rulers and everyone there needs to answer a single question: regular funerals and tears for all, or lasting peace and laughter for all? Pretty basic equation.

On the subject of the Arabs in the U.S. being hijacked by cops ("mugged" might be a better word) - I worked for a Federal Judge (retired) for 8 years in the office and 20 years as a consultant afterward. It is why I have no convictions from the nasty things I did as a teen - he cleaned up my record - and gave me the insight into how America works. YES - we have civil rights groups that can stop an extent. YES - the foundation of the nation was the first to provide some hope for an enlightened political system. YES - in many ways its still the best form of government - at least in structure - of any nation on Earth. However there is a huge difference between THEORY AND STRUCTURE and performance. Washington D.C. - and the political sector specifically - has more criminals per capita (per 1000) then any other industrial sector. More people in D.C. politics have no driver's license due to alcohol related incidents then any other sector. I could go on - but as a general rule, Washington D.C. is a doped up, drunk community of frat boys and girls that have diminished mental capacities, wake up hung over and partied out constantly (without the benefits of youth that can take such physical abuse), and the greed, graft, corruption, murder - (on a global scale-please let us never forget Bush though we all try) - you name the crime, or as Pelosi said when Bush was leaving office "name the topic - a complete failure". And its not just Bush. Its 99% of every politicians and gangster running the place. And the problems don't stop at "Arresting Arabs for no reason, or wire-tapping the general public needlessly." Long-haired people are a target. Mouthy publishers (like me) are targets. Blacks are targets, Hispanics are targets. White-trash skin heads with tattoos are targets. Cops in general in most communities - especially urban environments - are on edge. They have a very tough job. They are specifically hired for their aggressive nature and ability to "PROBE and DISCOVER" and most city and county cops are brainwashed by the whole Code Orange - Code Yellow Terror Alert mentality that Bush left behind. Few people have studied the evidence to the extent I have: hate to tell ya folks - Arabs weren't driving the planes that took out 2 buildings in New York. I spent 30 years looking at evidence of 1000's of cases and the only involvement that Arabs had in the series of events was a very small elite group that made a little money - right along side the folks at Deutsche Bank and several others. You might as well have made the hijackers Chinese since the biggest threat to America right now is the wholesale slaughter of our real estate and economy - being fed at warp speed - to Hong Kong and Beijing. This doesn't mean we should start rounding up Asians...but if we wanted to target a group that was "a threat" to white people, it would make more sense. Personally, I think the Chinese played a fabulous game of economic chess and deserve the prize...that's how great empires are acquired and the Chinese did it...and will continue to do it all around the world...including (ahem) Latin America, Europe...and hello...the Middle East too. All the in-fighting between Arabs and Jews will come to a screeching halt when there are more Chinese restaurants in Jerusalem then any other type - and that day is coming pal - hope you can use chop sticks...I do regularly. a minority and scream "FOUL"? Fine...get in line. Complain about unwarranted wire taps? Fine...get in line. Send a letter to your Congressman...don't forget to enclose a fifth of Jack Daniels with it if you want them to read the letter...and $10,000 bucks if you want them to actually pick up a phone and get your Cousin Ahmed out of some prison or secret camp. The Republic Party once calculated they could buy all of America - from Schoolhouse to State House to White House for about $300M. That figure is now about $3B - but it shows what America COULD BE - and in reality - IS today.

And in closing, its not much worse then any other place...corruption and irresponsible behavior, sometimes just from overwhelming odds and overwork - exist every country...and in nearly every political office. Its not always corruption...sometimes its just overwork.

Example: over a month ago I sent in a proposal (described below) - and have yet to receive a reply. People aren't just overworked and (ahem) misled in happens everywhere. We're human...we're frail...we make mistakes and we often miss the best solution to the problems at hand even when the right choice seems obvious.

There are few easy choices in this life...which is one reason I like to focus on kids - their world is so much simpler and easier to deal with ... and so much more enjoyable then the world adults have to live in. Working with kids is like an escape for me - a vacation...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Congratulations Palestine: Israel finally "SAID" they are going to make positive steps to easing the blockage. While far from the ideal of sovereignty, or even an open border to an autonomous state, it does provide an opportunity to practice a philosophy taught in many management schools and even the book on Positive Parent Psychology.

The lesson goes like this:

1. You want a person (or group) to have a "desired behavior".

2. You can punish them when they don't produce the desired behavior, but psychologists have shown punishment rarely creates the desired effect. Israel's use of punishment against Palestine should be proof enough that it doesn't work very well: Palestinians still do things that Israel wishes they would not.

It is only by CRIPPLING Palestine that Israel has reduced the "negative behavior" Israel wants Palestine to stop (i.e. hurling rockets at Israeli school buildings.

Imagine if you had to "CRIPPLE" your children by injuring their legs so they didn't run in the street, or "CRIPPLE" your employees by physically injuring their legs so they stayed in their chairs for 8 hours and did their job, or "CRIPPLED" your neighbors by injuring their legs so they didn't mow the lawn at 7am and wake you up.

Generally, punishment and negative rewards do not obtain the desired results and only creates animosity, fear and hatred.

3. In the book called Positive Parenthood, about creating the desired effect in children (and I think most of the world understands the Israeli Government is very much like a spoiled child with a fairly low IQ, who throws a lot of temper tantrums), then to create the desired behavior you have to use a REWARD model.

"WHAT? REWARD ISRAEL? NO WAY" says Palestine.

Well, if you want to be act like a spoiled child with a low IQ too, then this will be your answer.

If you want to base your answer and response on FACTS AND DATA and studies of BEHAVIOR, then you will try a proven model for your response - like an intelligent Adult/Teacher.

4. The way it works is you say to the Child (Israel) - "WHEN you do this - THEN you will get this reward."

Its called the WHEN-THEN agreement and it has to be done in BABY STEPS. You can't take a 6 year old child and teach them to ride a bike by putting them on a motorcycle (although that sounds like fun - but dangerous) - and you are not going to teach Israel that what they just did is a good thing by ignoring their "POSITIVE BEHAVIOR" simply because they didn't suddenly give Palestine Sovereignty or Autonomy.

5. YOU CAN reward them with something - perhaps even something they want very very much - to show them that a geniune REWARD can be generated from Palestine for GOOD BEHAVIOR.

Let's make a list of things Israel wants very very much:

a) Hostages/prisoners: this sort of reward is probably of greatest social, family, geniune and (sorry) MEDIA value. It rings true like a bronze bell from the most impoverished to the richest Israeli that something real happened.

b) Criminals: someone who was planning to build rockets to fire at Israel who is arrested and tried and then sent to Israel to be re-tried and incarcerated. While it smacks in the face of the offensive Palestine (Hamas) has told its people of the war it will wage until Israel has stopped "the occupation", its also a move that would ring true from high to low in Israel and around the world: that Hamas doesn't want war -it wants Peace and a nation called Palestine. Part of having a secure nation involves not being at war with your neighbor and the only way to obtain a lasting peace there is to make hurling rockets or conspiring to hurl rockets a crime.

You can always "repeal" the law later if Israel pulls a bone-head stunt like the prolonged attack they did recently.

c) A Jewish Temple: there has to be at least 10 Jews living in Gaza. I know it sounds absolutely insane to build a Jewish Temple in Gaza - but giving those people a place for peace and sanctuary is a big step towards integrating kids and businesses (my previous post) in a place like Eliat.

d) A peace garden along the walls that separate your nations - call it a prayer garden, a peace garden, a garden of hope - but some visible "art" that tells the folks on the other side of the wall you appreciate that they did something good - ease the blockage.

6. There is a step-by-step process of behavior and reward that can actually accelerate once you START this cycle.

7. If the other side does NOT behave as you wish, you don't have to PUNISH (bad idea) - but can instead go silent. The world will be watching - always is - and will know which side failed to move forward with a positive step or reply to the behavior of the other.

8. In a way you are also teaching the Israeli government - the spoiled, not too bright child - a new tactic: Positive Parenthood, also called Positive Reenforcement by psychologists. You are giving the ENLIGHTENED Politicians in Israel (and there must be a few - please - not all Israeli Politicians want the current situation) some tools to convince the other politicians that there might be a better way to resolve these problems quickly.

9. Along the way, if thing continue to move forward, there are a few other players that might get involved; most notably Egypt. There is some tension there and fear about what may happen when/if Mubarak steps down. It will be a time of great strife there and highly possible that the border with Israel erupts with some very nasty attacks; guess who will get the blame for that? Palestinian children/teens in Gaza, even if they had nothing to do with it.

There is a way to prevent that even if Egypt explodes in its own internal struggle.

There is a way to prevent a similar problem with the Hezbollah in Southern Lebonon and the problems Israel had there recently as well.

This sort of "regional contribution" by bringing "all neighbors together" to resolve this once and for all can be started once Israel and the people of Pastine demonstrate they understand behavior reward models; it encourages other nations to participate. Its fun, its emotionally uplifting, and certainly a lot more productive then throwing gunpowder and lead at each other.

By the way: Kids usually prefer positive reward models too, whether its dessert at the table, or five years of no bombs hitting their school building no matter what side of the border its on.

But it has to start somewhere and its unlikely that Israel is going to do it: their politicians aren't as smart or as enlightened as the politicians in Palestine, right?

And if that is true, then its going to take a smarter entity to get the ball rolling.

If its not true, and if both sides of this conflict have nothing but temper-tantrum children with low IQs holding down political offices, then the best thing for both sides to do is have their people replace their politicians as quickly a possible and try to get some intelligent people on both sides of the equation.

I have faith in the Arab culture to produce an more intelligent political body that understands these types of formulas and equations: it is said that Jews gave us glass, but it is also said that Arabs gave us Algebra. Anyone with sand an a furnace can make glass, but you have to be pretty darn smart to work out an equation in algebra, and even smarter to use those equations to analyze data from psychology studies and apply them to real life.

DW Duke
Friday, June 18, 2010

Here is an article published by a friend of mine in the California Lawyer. I could not locate the actual magazine article on line but this is a reprint.

Randy told me of death threats he received from prison guards at the federal prison while he was visiting his clients. His clients were picked up, without any notification to their family, simply because they attended the same mosque as one of the pilots of a 911 flight. These men were rounded up and put in prison. Their families were not given any information about what happened to them for over nine months. At the end of the day, they were released because the government could not find any evidence against them whatsoever. Here is another book Randy wrote:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, are you as disturbed about this as I am?