Queen Rania meets with the Jordan Cancer Society

22 شباط 2000

Research into the determinants of cancer occurrences in Jordan is of primary importance and should serve as one of the main focuses of institutions dealing with this disease so as to increase the chances of early detection, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah said Tuesday.

In a meeting with executive members of the Jordan Cancer Society, whose honorary president is Queen Rania, Her Majesty also emphasized the importance of raising awareness in the Kingdom about existing methods for early detection of the deadly disease.

Cancer, one of the main chronic diseases to hit the developed world, is fast catching up with countries undergoing demographic transition and modernization, such as a Jordan.

The most recent national cancer registry indicated that this disease targets both males and females in patterns parallel to those of other countries. The three most commonly reported cancer incidents among Jordanians are breast cancer, lymphoma and leukemia.

One of the most significant findings of the 1997 registry is that breast cancer accounted for 14.2% of cancer cases in the country. Many of these deadly incidents could have been prevented by early detection.

During the meeting, head of the society Mr. Samir Kayed Quteishat, spoke of the challenges facing cancer prevention and treatment in the Kingdom, such as access to cancer treatment, the obtaining of proper medication, and lack of sufficient awareness about disease.

Mr. Quteishat noted that a significant percentage of cancer occurrences could be prevented through increased awareness about the disease coupled with healthy life styles, including appropriate dietary practices.

The Society which was established in 1964 and whose Honorary President was His Majesty the late King Hussein, aims to increase the level of awareness of cancer, its determinants, and early prevention, and to financially and morally assist under-privileged Jordanians stricken by the disease.

The society also seeks to build cooperation between the various governmental and non-governmental bodies dealing with cancer in the country, and to build bridges and collaborate with cancer research, prevention, and treatment institutions outside Jordan.

Queen Rania said she is looking forward to seeing the society activate its role in raising awareness among both the public and professional community concerning the importance of early detection, as well as carrying out relevant studies and research in this field.