Queen Rania checks on development projects and schools during a visit to Ghor

April 05, 2010

(Office of Her Majesty- Press Department) As part of Her Majesty's efforts to ensure a comprehensive development approach to benefit the local community, Queen Rania Al Abdullah visited, today, the Southern Ghor District where she checked on different development projects, funded by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, and implemented in coordination with the Jordan River Foundation (JRF).

Her Majesty started the visit by unveiling the plaque of the newly equipped Ghor Al Mazra'a park, which includes an information center, a library and a play area. The Queen also checked a map that showcases the work done by (JRF) in the area.

Queen Rania, accompanied by HE Dr. Jafar Hassan, Minister of Planning & International Cooperation, Ahmad Masarweh, the president of the Higher Council for Youth, Ali Al Shera, Governor of Al Kerak, Ghaleb Al Qudah from (JRF), and a number of the governorate's officials, was briefed by Mohammad Al-Khatib from (JRF) on the foundation's contributions to the projects aimed at improving the Southern Ghor district.

Stressing the importance of partnerships between the public sector, civil society institutions and members from the local community, Queen Rania emphasized that holistic solutions call for cooperation from all sectors.

Listening to a group of youth, Her Majesty learned about the youth development programs implemented in the Ghor Al Safi Youth Center which include training courses, capacity building and awareness sessions.

Her Majesty also witnessed the signing of an agreement between JRF, Ghor Al Safi volunteers, one of Ahel Al Himmeh winners, and the Higher Council for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities to establish a new Civil Rehabilitation Center which includes a physiotherapy unit funded by the Japanese Embassy in Jordan. The Embassy will also provide the center with a bus to ensure transportation services for the disabled.

Another agreement was signed between JRF and the Civil Rehabilitation Center to grant revolving loans and support families of individuals with disabilities.

Her Majesty was also briefed on the health and the education sectors in the area as well as interventions by JRF, Near East Foundation, JOHUD, and the Potash Company.

During her visit, Queen Rania watched a short performance by a group of youth that showed the positive change these projects brought to their lives.

In line with her efforts to ensure quality education to all students in Jordan, Queen Rania's next stop was a visit to Khadija Bint Khweiled Primary School, which will be included in phase III of Madrasati.

Accompanied by Madrasati’s Director Danah Dajani, Queen Rania toured the school, and interacted with a number of students and teachers. The School Principle and teachers also briefed Her Majesty about their school's needs.

Ending her visit to the school, Queen Rania emphasized the importance of conducting a study that includes all schools in rural areas, to reallocate students in collective schools and provide them with needed transportation, the Minister of Planning then noted that partnerships could be established with local communities in order to provide for that.

Aiming to reach out and communicate with the local community, Queen Rania visited three income-generating projects, funded by revolving loans from the Wadi Al Salaam Cooperative through (JRF). Her Majesty listened to the beneficiaries talking about their experiences, challenges and aspirations.

Queen Rania concluded her day in the Southern Ghor with a visit to the Wadi Al Salam Cooperative Farm, a JRF project supported by the Developed Agricultural Marketing Company (DAMCO), where she learned how the project will economically benefit local farmers by promoting improved farming methods and equipping farmers with the necessary skills needed to increase productivity.

Her Majesty also witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of understanding between DAMCO and Wadi Al Salam Cooperative.