Queen Rania receives honorary rank on Army Day, entrusted to head the Association for Welfare of Military Personnel and Their Families

June 11, 2004

(Office of Her Majesty, Press Department - Amman) A Royal decree was issued conferring upon Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah the honorary rank of colonel in the Jordanian Armed Forces as of June 9, 2004.

In an official letter, His Majesty King Abdullah II underlined appreciation for Queen Rania’s efforts in supporting the families of Jordanian military personnel and entrusted her to head the Higher Council of the newly-established Queen Rania Al-Abdullah Association for Welfare of Military Personnel and Their Families.

This association aims to provide support and assistance to working and retired military personnel, their families and their dependants by providing vocational training, counseling and guidance.

The association will also allocate a monthly income to orphans and widows of deceased military personnel, as well as loans, social services, financial assistance to families of martyrs and deceased military officials, and aid in the organization of fundraisers and income-generating projects.

Queen Rania, honorary chairperson of the Arab Army Officers' Wives Club (AOWC) since its establishment in 2002, has shown steadfast support to initiatives that support Armed Forces recruits and their families as well as children of martyrs.

As part of Their Majesties continued efforts to place education and knowledge on top of national priorities, Queen Rania has often visited schools that are part of the Directorate of Education and Military Culture (DEMC) of the Jordan Armed Forces, which runs 22 schools serving 12,000 students.

During the current scholastic year, Queen Rania visited a secondary school in the Central Badia to launch AOWC’s Winter Campaign and attended AOWC’s distribution of school bags containing stationary for students as well as financial aid to needy families at DEMC’s Al-Hussein Girls' School in Zarqa.