The Jordan Education Initiative

The Jordan Education Initiative

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The Jordan Education Initiative

About The Jordan Education Initiative

Jordan Education Initiative (JEI) was established in 2003 to couple the power of technology with proven modern teaching strategies fit for the technology-driven 21st century. It is no longer enough to master the “3 Rs”; reading, writing and arithmetic. More than just enhance digital literacy as a basic skill, JEI promotes the effective use of technology to transform schools into places of discovery, creativity and skill development, and in this way allowing Jordanian students to achieve fuller educational potentials.

JEI supports schools by implementing effective pedagogical integration of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools and e-resources in education. They equip teachers to create a sustainable learning environment conducive of 21st century teaching potentials and enable students to become skilled citizens in the knowledge economy. They do this through their school-based JEI educational model, integrating technology holistically in each school as a unit.


Accelerate education reform through innovation and integration of ICT in education to further add value to students, teachers and the education system and effectively contribute in building a knowledge economy.


A world class education innovation Center of Excellence that leverages public-private partnerships to leapfrog education transformation in Jordan and the region.