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Al Aman Fund

Children are our most precious resource; we cherish them, protect them, and nurture them. Unfortunately, orphans are at risk of never experiencing this emotional and spiritual support, not to mention the secure financial foundations a family can provide. Across the world, societies pull together to care for those who live without. In one form or another, surrogate families are formed, and childhoods rebuilt and sustained.

Until they become adults themselves.

On reaching the real world, too many are then left without the education and skills necessary to survive in the job market; too many are resigned to unemployment and poverty. The Al Aman Fund exists to help orphans navigate the world after they have grown up and left the orphanage.

A variety of support schemes are in place to equip orphans (aged 18-21) with the tools to become self-reliant and self-confident members of society. Through scholarships, they can apply to university or vocational training centres; and the Fund can help pay for living expenses – accommodation, clothing, stationary, transportation, and personal expenses – and also offers medical insurance.

For those who want to work, Al Aman tries to connect orphans to various employers who can provide avenues for employment by securing jobs, internships, and training.

For any beneficiary of the Fund, a sympathetic ear is never far away. The Al Aman Fund, in this sense, is an extended family, aiming to supply young men and women with the emotional and spiritual support every person needs, as well as the strong financial foundations on which they can start to build a life of their own.

To be a part of the family, you can learn more about the Al Aman Fund at or by contacting their hotline on +962 6533 0500.

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